Wedding is an exclusive holiday that gathers people of different age, generations and interests, who often do not know with each other. And only a professional master of ceremonies, a good toast-master will be able to make a holiday vivid and memorable for all the guests and the newlyweds.

FESTIVITA event agency offers you high quality experts, virtuosi of colloquial genre. Toast-master of this qualification is able to gather any company, regardless of age, social status and financial position. He subtly feels the public mood. His jokes are always appropriate and funny for people. Entertainment sets the mood - from the lyrical and touching to bright and jolly. Each guest, even one who likes silence and solitude, will not feel lonely at this festival of love and happiness!

We offer not only traditional master of ceremony, but also known showmen, famous anchors, as well as performances of clowns, animators, show-ballet and illusionist. We will fill your wedding with hot dancing, excellent humor, wonderful wedding competitions and laughter.

Music knows no boundaries. We can offer a music program of completely different genres - from hard rock to classical music, from country-style music to soul and jazz. The main thing is your desire and taste.

Touching and eloquent finale of the wedding can be performed by delightful fireworks, dazzling laser show or just by a pair of white pigeons let to fly into the sky. We will create a wonderful finale to your holiday, at the same time symbolizing the birth of your family and the beginning of a happy family life.