Services before wedding

> proposal – unique and romantic proposal of the hand and heart – this is not just words, it is the great event, which will be remembered for life

> concept and script of the celebration - from the classic versions of the celebrations (national or European) to the unique and individual scripts for wedding

> your style at a wedding - services of hairdresser, stylist, make-up and master manicurist for newlyweds, parents and friends

> repetition of the first dance - professional choreographers will give several lessons and teach you to dance wedding waltz or any other dance, as well as help to pick up a musical composition for the first dance

> invitation cards - will develop an individual design, manufacture, and send them to guests

> stag and bridal shower - your parting with bach life will be unforgettable event.

> wedding manager - is also called producer, coordinator – will coordinate your wedding for you just to enjoy the day

> 1001 fine points - to help choose the dress for bride and suit for groom, the rings and crosses, all you need for ceremony in the registrar and the wedding in the church, and a thousand and one fine points that may be necessary for you.