Photo and video

The life consists of the moments. There are very important moments that you wish to keep in memory forever, such as birth of a child, prom night, and wedding.

It is not by chance that before the wedding ceremony, you enter to the search engines the words like «photo of the wedding», «wedding photos», «video of the wedding» and study all the information carefully. Indeed, for every girl and young man the day of their wedding is the most touching and happy in life. At the wedding day every bride becomes a princess, beautiful, gentle, amorous, and the bridegroom, confused and happy, becomes the embodiment of maiden dreams of a beautiful prince.

Unfortunately, the wedding rushes by, and newlyweds are so excited that they do not have time to enjoy every moment of this happy day in full. In this case, FESTIVITA event agency gives a helping hand. We will keep every moment of your wedding: the arrival of the groom and bride price, wedding ceremony, the walk - the entire celebration! Our specialist will make professional photo and video, reportage or shooting, montage of wedding film in form of the wedding album or wedding book.


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