Decoration and flower arranging

Flowers are one of the symbols of love. It is impossible to imagine a wedding without a fairytale-beautiful bridal bouquet, subtle buttonholes for groom and witnesses, and garlands of fresh flowers for this holiday.

Bridal bouquet is a bright and tender show of affection. Florists of FESTIVITA event agency take into account individual wishes of the bride, peculiarities of a wedding dress and the texture of its components. As a result, we create the most important wedding bouquet. Be it romantic and gentle or original and unexpected - a choice only for you.

Decoration living flowers has become a wedding tradition. This is the real art for the florist. Each flower composition is unique and the only one. In addition, our specialists will make buttonholes, arches, decorated with flowers, decorative fabrics, holiday baskets and bouquets.

The list is endless, but all the elements will be implemented in the same style and combined with the overall vision of your wedding. In short – there is no borders for our imagination and the desire to make your cherished wishes true. After all, the wedding is a day when dreams come true!


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