Conception and script

What is an average wedding script? The sea of fragrant flower, abundance of white and ivory-coloured veils, a traditional celebration hall, happy fiance in a black tuxedo with a carnation in his button hole, the bride’s best friends in identical, dresses, and, certainly, the bride, beautiful and shy. And the lighted candles and a slow dance or newlywed in the evening, jolly games and congratulations.

All is very solemn and traditional. But it only seems that simple – it’s rather difficult to hold the wedding party without any rough moments. The main concept and a detailed script of the wedding should be thoroughly designed. And if a young couple is dreaming for a beautiful and unforgettable party they should address professional celebration managers.

FESTIVITA agency can propose you both the classical celebrations – traditional, folk or modern European – and original wedding scripts-diving or snorkeling in the sea or high in the skies, on a balloon.

Certainly, an extremal wedding party, unlike a traditionally fender ceremony – is not what many loving couples desire. But if a fiance is crazy about leather jackets and roaring bikes, and a bride dreams of stunt parachute jumps or sea diving – they would prefer something original. Their wedding may turn into a non-stop action, making an explosive mixture of thrill thirst, adventure addiction and volcanic passion. We propose making script and conception of any wedding party to avoid its turning into chaos.

We can make a fairytale or an exciting adventure out of your solemnest and happiest day.