Bachelor and Maiden party

Wedding is approaching and bachelor's fun and entertainment should retreat. Life is changing and lots of things you are used to and that are usual before marriage become impossible after it.

Everybody feels a bit lost before the wedding. You aren't quite sure if you should fell happy or a little sad while recollecting your noisy parties or bold tricks. The others the newlyweds feel is equal to two months of intensive work.

But don't exaggerate you problems - the wedding day is still the most touching and the happiest day in your life. And yet... it's such a fun - to spend some hours with your old friends just a few days before your marriage,to relax, to recollect the bygone days. That's what a bachelor or maiden party offers you.

You should note that these light-minded parties need serious organisation and preparation. FESTIVITA agency offers its help in it. Our help envisages script writing, DJ and the animators, includes dancers and signers, renting a room, food and design organisation.

A noisy and easy-going host can hold and entertain the party. He can shake up a serious person, dance up a non-dancing one, because the main feature of this meetings is a non-stop fun. We can made your party unforgettable, jolly and interesting. But one little piece of advice : don't appoint this very responsible event just on the eve of your wedding party. It's tested.