Wedding is the most glorious, important and exciting day. And all the couples want to make it bright and unforgettable.

Wedding organization is extremely serious case, in course of fussy preparations it is very difficult not to miss anything, that is why the self-organized wedding very rarely passes without overlaps. On the other hand, wedding - is a happy day, filled with the scent of flowers, full of smiles and cheerful laughter, decorated with fine clothes and wonderful bouquets, so the organization of wedding should be perfect.

Ukrainian and Russian wedding is not quite the same as that of classical Western European or American Wedding. It's called 'svadba' and has a number of differences. First, the 'svadba' is taking place in national costumes, the 'svadba' has a large number of mandatory attributes, customs of the 'svadba' and ceremonies of the 'svadba', without which there will be no real 'svadba'. If you want to spend your holiday in a 'svadba' coception, FESTIVITA event agency will help you with this and you will remember your 'svadba' for a long time!

The higher the requirements for organization and hosting of the wedding or 'svadba', the more difficult it is to organize it yourself. This is the very moment, when the professionals from FESTIVITA event agency will help you, as for many years of work they have accumulated enormous experience to create for you the wedding of your dream.

Cooperation with a team of our experts will save you from usual feast and guarantee you high-quality organization of weddings in the form of a bright unique show, which is going to be remembered by everybody: young, their parents, and guests.

Experienced coordinator will take into account all problems related to the organization of the wedding. Coordinator is a person that can solve all the issues concerning your wedding.

We will take into consideration 1001 fine points to make your wedding fascinating!