Unique and joyful mood, an atmosphere of unity of sympathetic people, fun and kids’ laughter - it is a PARTY!
Anyone desires to turn the party to the unusual bright and unforgettable event. And if you imagine your holiday to be light, careless, fun and unique, than FESTIVITA event agency is for your service!

For several years, our close-knit team is involved in the organization of various holidays: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, children's parties, graduation parties and even romantic dates. We can organize everything: surprise your tally with a wonderful and unforgettable date, arrange original children's holiday for your kid, and impress your boss with inspiring corporative. And for you we will arrange the best Birthday, full of surprises and brightest moments!

We know that the success of any event depends on the level of organization and of the preparatory phase, and, of course, on the correct selection of master of ceremonies. Therefore, offering our services, we elaborate a turn-key project and take into account your every wish. We organize your holiday in such way, that for you there will be left the most important and responsible mission of greeting guests with a joyful smile and having fun with them.


What is the essential feature of Toastmasters?