Several reasons for making a choice in our favour: 


> FESTIVITA event angensy has creative staff of perfect specialists, that treat their work as favorite  business and used to work with inspiration and devotion.

Our clients recommend us to their friends and collegues. Every second person comes to us due to recommendations.

We never offer the most expensive things or service to our clients. We create the best exactly for you. The most expensive things  are not always the best ones.

In the vast majority of cases, to order a holiday arrangement at the FESTIVITA event agency is not more expensive than to organize it yourself. At first glance this fact may seem surprising, but we better know the market. We have specialists to entrust any part of the holiday for more optimal price without loss of quality. We can consult you as to the price of service: where you can save your money without compromising the overall result, and where it is extremely undesirable to save.

Our experience and market knowledge will help you to avoid overlap and disappointments that inevitable for those who organizes holidays by themselves or with the friends’ help .Alas, the market has a number of specialists who are to be entered in the "black list" because of their dishonesty or irresponsible attitude to work.

Each project is elaborated by the large number of people, but there is always one particular person to take responsibility for your project, control the situation, coordinate the various stages and is always available for communication.

We keep abreast of the market. To offer you a whole variety of the best services, we often review performances of artists and animators, keep watching the work of designers and photographers, study the cuisine and service of cafes and restaurants.

Our slogan for work is Oskar Wild’s words: ‘I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.’