How much does a holiday or a wedding party cost?
It looks like the most popular question we are asked. But it doesn't have a universal answer, unfortunately, like the questions "How much does a car or a sea voyage cost?" Weddings can differ greatly ranging from secret church marriage ceremony for the relatives and the best friends only to the noisy crowd celebrations with fireworks and church ceremony in Venice, public ceremony in Paris and the honey moon journey to the Maldives. In any case we guarantee that we’ll be able to discuss all the possible variants and find the best for you at the personal meeting.

How much does a holiday organization cost?

This is the second popular question that cannot be answered in one way only. It depends on the volume and complication of preparations. The standard variant envisages 10 percent interest of our agency. But due to our help in finding the most optimal variant considering your wishes and abilities you can finally save more than our fee and much more than you would pay for organizing the holiday by yourself.

What is the scheme of your agency work?
At your first meeting we learn your wishes and propose our variants. After this, within a few days we give you our detailed plan, discuss if with you, and after making all the corrections, and checking all the details sing our contract.

Do you just recommend specialists and executors or do you coordinate them?
From the first meeting up to the end of the celebration you communicate with only one person who solves and coordinates all the questions. It’s your celebration – so you name your wishes – we make them reality – you enjoy your fest.

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