I have the simplest tastes.
I am always satisfied with the best.
Oskar Wild.


Welcome to FESTIVITA event agency – territory of unbelievable impressions and unforgettable holydays!

We present a holiday to our clients. We are creative staff of idea-elaborators, we put your wishes into scripts and conceptions of events. We are FESTIVITA event agency, we elaborate ideas for and organize absolutely different kind of holidays and events. Your holiday is going to be decorated by designer, fired up by pyrotechnicians, imprinted by photographers and cameramen, made-up by estheticians, enchanted by masters of ceremonies and event-managers to ensure that everything was on the script and did not happen unpleasant surprises.

We are glad to offer our services in the organization of such events:

> Party - wedding, anniversary, Birthday, New Year, children's patry, romantic rendezvous and an extraordinary declaration of love

> Corporate events - Birthday of the company, New Year, February 23 or March 8, a good contract, the arrival of foreign partners, or any other event, which the company wants to allocate from the gray of everyday life

> Business events - organization of seminars, conferences, trainings, exhibitions, BTL-promotions, PR-actions, business meetings and presentations

Our slogan for work is Oskar Wild’s words: ‘I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.’ It means that we sincerely desire to perform excellent, joyful and fascinating events for you.


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